Planning Wedding Music at The Florida Aquarium

This post provides a few pointers to keep in mind when planning live music for your wedding day at the Florida Aquarium. 

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This is the Coral Reef room, it has a 500,000 gallon tank full of amazing sea creatures, and the wedding ceremony will typically be held right here.

From a musician’s perspective, this is a great space for acoustics. The fact that it’s indoors means there are walls and a ceiling from which the sound can bounce, producing a lovely echo. We also don’t have to worry about distracting background noise that you might have outside, like traffic or wind. You can get by with fewer musicians in an indoor space like this. Even a solo violinist will be loud enough for all of your guests to enjoy in this room. 

Limelight Photography

The Florida Aquarium has some guidelines for wedding vendors regarding set-up. They can’t allow set-up to begin while the aquarium is still open, since this room will be filled with people until they close around 5:00 pm. That means that wedding vendors at The Florida Aquarium need to be prepared to enter and set up quickly between the time when the aquarium closes to the public and the ceremony start time. For live musicians, that’s no problem. Musicians bring everything they need and have a very short set-up time before they begin the prelude music as your guests start arriving. 

When you have a solo musician, any style of music will work for the ceremony, whether you prefer classical music, love song standards, or Top 40’s music. And if you want to go with an aquatic, beachy theme for the music, like “Beyond the Sea”, music by Jason Mraz and Jack Johnson, “Under the Sea”, “Come Sail Away”, and the Beach Boys, you won’t have to twist our arm, we love the idea. 

When it comes to cocktail hour at The Florida Aquarium, if you’re looking for a way to make the music more upbeat and fun while still keeping that classic elegance of having a live musician, a great option is to have the violinist perform along with backing tracks.

Those are all of our tips for now about planning live music for your wedding at the Florida Aquarium. Happy planning!