Planning Wedding Music at Armature Works

The post will cover a few things to keep in mind when planning live music for your wedding at Armature Works in Tampa, FL.

Armature Works has several great spaces for weddings, and our musicians love performing there.

Rooftop 220 (adjacent to the main Armature Works building) has a deck with beautiful views of the Hillsborough River, and is a popular ceremony and/or cocktail hour location. Musicians love this space because it has shaded areas, which are in short supply at wedding venues. It's a smaller space, so a solo violin (either acoustic or amplified, depending on the number of guests) or a string duo should be loud enough for everyone to enjoy.

Rooftop 220 (Tiffany Jones Photography)

The Courtyard is located in the center of Armature Works, and is often chosen as a cocktail hour location. It adjoins other rooms (Gathering, Social Room, and Social Hall) which often hold ceremonies and receptions. Because The Courtyard can overflow into other rooms, it's difficult to recommend a certain musical ensemble without knowing how it will be set up for your event. As a larger outdoor space, it typically requires a larger ensemble (trio or quartet) in order to ensure everyone can enjoy the music. Alternatively, an electric violin with tracks is a great option for a cocktail hour in The Courtyard.

The Courtyard

The Social Hall and Social Room, being indoors, both have great acoustics for musicians. Just make sure that the ensemble you choose is loud enough, depending on the number of guests you expect.

Armature Works (Tiffany Jones Photography)

Armature Works has plenty of parking for vendors, and is easy to access prior to the event for set-up. Musicians require only a few minutes to set up.

Armature Works is a beautiful, historic wedding venue, and a lot of fun for our musicians to perform at.

Rooftop 220 (Tiffany Jones Photography)