Frequently Asked Questions about Wedding Music

The Music

  • Do you play both classical and modern music?

    • Yes! Our musicians are classically trained, but they also enjoy playing Top 40 music, pop, jazz, rock, and everything in between.

  • Can I request a song? 

    • If your favorite song isn't found in our repertoire, please contact us as we can typically accommodate the request, sometimes for an additional fee depending on the difficulty of finding or composing an arrangement of the song.  

  • Can you perform at the cocktail hour and / or reception? 
    • Yes! And, you can also change your ensemble between the ceremony / cocktail hour / reception. For example, you can have a string quartet for the ceremony, and a solo violinist performing on electric violin with tracks for the cocktail hour. 

  • Do we need amplified music or backing tracks? 

    • We ​created a video on this topic with audio examples of each, check it out here

The Musician

  • Who will perform at my wedding? 

    • Sunset Strings employs professional musicians who are classically trained, have graduate degrees in their instrument, and perform in professional orchestras throughout Florida. Our musicians have performed in thousands of weddings and are seasoned professionals. Throughout the entire process, you will communicate directly with Sunset Strings’ manager, Erica Muresan.

  • Does Sunset Strings carry liability insurance? 

    • Yes, ​Sunset Strings is fully licensed and insured. 

  • Can the musicians perform outdoors? 

    • Yes! Our string ensembles can perform indoors or outdoors. However, they cannot perform in rain of any kind, even a very light rain, as this would ruin their instruments. We also request that musicians be located in a shaded area if possible to protect their instruments from direct sunlight. 

  • Can musicians perform on the beach?

    • Yes! Our musicians love performing at beautiful beach weddings. Again, they cannot perform in rain, and prefer to be protected from direct sunlight during the middle of the day. 

  • What will the musician wear? 

    • The musicians will be dressed according to your wedding dress code, in tuxedo / formal attire for black tie weddings, or suit and tie / formal attire for semi-formal weddings. 

Booking & Payments

  • How do I book Sunset Strings for my wedding?

    • To save your date, we ask for a nonrefundable 25% retainer and a signed contract.

  • How much do you charge for a wedding? 

  • When is the remaining balance due?

    • The balance is due 1 month prior to the wedding. If the wedding is booked less than 1 month away, then the entire payment would be due upon booking. 

The Wedding

  • Will the musician attend the rehearsal?

    • Generally no, this is quite rare. We’ll discuss your wedding details with you prior and use this to plan the music. The musician’s job is to make sure that the music fits whatever happens during the ceremony, you do not need to time your walk to match a song. If you do ask the musician(s) to attend a rehearsal, this would be charged at our regular hourly rate. 

  • What music is included in a wedding ceremony?

    • The musician will perform prelude music before the ceremony as your guests arrive (15 - 30 minutes, depending on the length of your ceremony). The musician will perform processionals for the parents, bridal party, flower girls, and ring bearer. The musician will play the bride’s entrance song. Some couples choose to have music during the ceremony, such as for a unity candle lighting or a sand ceremony. Finally, the musician will play recessional music at the end as the bride and groom exit.