Y O U R    V I O L I N I S T 


Dan has been performing at weddings for over 18 years. He is a recording artist, composer, arranger, and violinist.

Dan started playing violin at the age of 4. He played his first concert as a soloist with an orchestra and won his first violin competition at age 7. He is the winner of multiple national and international violin competitions. 


Danut has played recitals and concerts throughout Europe and the USA. He was awarded a full scholarship to study music at Lynn University in Boca Raton, FL. He earned his Master’s Degree in Music Performance in 2007.

Danut has had the privilege to perform concerts with many talented artists including Andrea Bocelli, Renee Fleming, Itzhak Perlman, Placido Domingo, Michael W. Smith, Frank Sinatra Jr, Bernadette Peters, Johnny Mathis, Gloria Estefan, Mannheim Steamroller, and Deana Martin. Several of these concerts were in front of audiences of 20,000 people. 

Danut frequently collaborates with Florida Orchestra, Sarasota Orchestra, Opera Tampa, and Saint Petersburg Opera. 

Danut lives in Saint Petersburg, Florida with his wife Erica (the manager of Sunset Strings) and their little boy / future Sunset Strings violinist, Max. 

About the 


Dan owns 8 violins, but typically alternates between an Italian violin, a German violin, and an electric violin. 

The Italian violin was made in 1954 by Giuseppe Pellacani in Modena, Italy. The violin's back is made of maple wood, and the front is spruce. The black fingerboard, pegs, and tailpiece (seen in the photo below) are ebony. The violin is new to Dan, but has already been played at several weddings. The violin has a warm sound in the lower strings and a bright tone in the highest strings. 

The German violin was made in 1930 by Max Gerbert. Dan was given this violin as a child when he performed at a concert in Germany. A member of the audience heard Dan play, then left and came to the next concert with a violin that had belonged to her late husband and had not been played in 40 years. She gave the violin to Dan, saying that he was meant to play it. He played this violin throughout Europe as a child, and now plays it throughout Florida in concerts and weddings. This is the violin that Dan played at his own wedding. The list of those who have heard Dan play the German violin includes three US presidents, Tom Cruise, Judge Judy, and John Travolta. The violin has a bright and well-balanced tone, and is quite loud.

For pop and rock songs, Dan performs on a 5-string electric violin designed by Ned Steinberger.  The electric violin has a brilliant sound and is highly sensitive. For an amp, he typically uses the Roland JC-120 Jazz Chorus, known among professionals for its exceptional and clean sound.